I don’t want this blog to become a bunch of links to other sites or articles.  I do enough of that on Facebook and Twitter.  But my all time favorite type of book is the campaign book.  It inspired me to teach my class at Xavier.  And the only books I tend to reread are these.  So I thought this article from Jill Abramson in the New York Times was worth sharing here.

I agree with her assertion that Richard Ben Cramer’s What it Takes is the best of the campaign books.  For everyone that thinks these politicians are just caricatures, read WIT, and you will always remember that they are human beings first.  Bob Dole was the most interesting character.  It’s a mini-bio of him, and it makes you wish he had won.  Sort of.

I wasn’t crazy about Game Change.  I did read it cover-to-cover.   But I agree with the Times–it was symbolic of how campaigns have changed.  In Making of a President, Theodore White showed us a side of campaigning that until then had never been seen.  Not much left unseen these days, so we get Game Change.  It’s sad.  Gary Wills might be right.  The campaign book could be dead.  But it shouldn’t be.