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I’m embarking on a new project here on “So Much To Read.” Up above, at the top of this page, you’ll see a new link named “The Power Broker.” 

Robert Caro is coming to speak at the Mercantile Library’s Niehoff Lecture on November 2nd, and it’s my intent to finish his legendary book about Robert Moses by then. 

And instead of waiting until I finish all 1,162 pages, I’m going to keep a running blog as I read the book. You can find those entries all on one page, by clicking here or at the top of any “So Much To Read” page. 

At least a couple of you have signaled your intent to read along with me, and for that I’m grateful. Feel free to join in and leave messages in the comments. 1100 pages is a slog, and so I’ll be looking for conversation to keep it going. 

You can still expect to check here for other updates about books I’m reading. I’ve got a bunch of entries saved up for while Mr. Caro distracts me. 

Thanks for reading.