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powerbrokerbookJust a short note to mark the end of the “The Power Broker” mini-blog that I’ve been working on since early May. The page topped out just a few-hundred words shy of 15,000, and so I’m comfortable that in terms of girth alone it will hold up just fine to the book itself. It’s been a fun project.

You can find the complete mini-blog using the link at the top of this page or by clicking here: https://somuchtoread.wordpress.com/the-power-broker/

I can’t say how much I enjoyed this book. The book is long, yes, but it accomplishes so much. It’s a biography of Robert Moses, a story of cities, planning and transportation, a history of New York, a mini-biography of major figures in mid-century American history, and it’s a dissertation on power and politics. It is also an absolute clinic on how to write. Caro is masterful.

At times it dragged and at times Caro overdid his criticism of Moses. But those are minor missteps in what is one of the best books I’ve ever encountered.

Thank you to those who commented on the mini-blog, who encouraged me during the parts that got boring and to those of you who read along. And mostly, thanks to those of you who told me to read the thing in the first place.

If you enjoyed the blog, click around the site and maybe you’ll find something else to read or comment on.

Thanks for reading.