Two months off the blog. Life happens I guess. I’m going to try a few short posts just to clear out the queue.  (Haven’t been writing, but I’ve been reading.)  So let’s see if I can’t get this started again.  

downloadScott Turow’s latest is called “Identical” and it’s a fun mystery that is also about politics. The story centers around two identical twins.  One is running for Mayor and the other is getting released from prison for killing his girlfriend. A crusty old investigator with a younger female partner ends up re-investigating the crime on behalf of a long-time family enemy of the twins. Their story unravels and we learn, piece by piece, the real truth about the twins and their family.

(Turow, as you may know, was a Niehoff Lecturer at The Mercantile Library a few years ago.)

I like a good book like this; it’s mostly mindless and just entertaining. The Law & Order of books, I’ve noted in prior entries. But this one was pretty good because Turow writes politics pretty well. The book has good pacing, which is rare in the mystery business since some books feel like they start slow, and then accelerate until they hit a wall.  I didn’t feel that way about this.

The whole theory of the book is kind of preposterous, but it’s entertaining and you know what? That’s ok sometimes.

Thanks for reading.