On The List

This list causes great anxiety for me right now.  My stack of books is overwhelming. They are everywhere. I’m still trying to tackle the Caro books–Power Broker and the Johnson bios. I started Battle Cry of Freedom and I held up the white flag before the war even began in the book. There’s the new Michael Chabon, the TWO Bruce Springsteen bios, the book about fracking, the book about health care reform, and the book about the history of the internet. Plus some random fiction I’ve accumulated over the past few months. Oh, and the David McCullough beast that is “The Great Bridge.”

I’ll get through them, someday. Part of the wonder of collecting so many books is that you’ve always something new to turn to. But right now I have, quite literally, so much to read.

4 thoughts on “On The List”

  1. You *must* read Battle Cry of Freedom. It’s simply astounding.

  2. “A Prayer for Owen Meany” – a classic and one of my favorite walk-off lines – “I shall keep asking”.

  3. You should check out “No Alternative” by William Dickerson; best book I’ve read this year — brought me right back to my youth in the early 90’s.

  4. Seems we share a self-induced anxiety disorder . . . no cure for it though! When the anxiety ratchets up particularly high,, I step away from the wobbly pile of books and turn to a good police procedural or legal thriller and read it straight through. Clears the head!

    Glad to have found you – we have very similar tastes in reading materials. Out of mercy, I will resist recommending more books that you ‘must read’.

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